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Well I can tell you when he revs up that 3 yr old energy and throws his
weight around, he's pretty powerful. Fire gave him the what-for tonight when
he got too close to her on her bed and he just walked away. Nina attacks him
and wants to play and he just ignores her at this point. He's not trained
but he's getting better. Still tanking on the water every time he gets the
chance so pees hourly - accidents are always in the kitchen at the door.
He's food motivated, still eats in his crate, shares cookies. He growled at
Blaster when they were both in the same crate - no biggie but neither of
them wanted to get out. He often growls when Nina gets too close to him
while he's in the crate but he's learning that's not acceptable. He's
walking better - saw 2 cats today. Jim couldn't break his focus but he
didn't charge or lunge or take Jim for a ride - that's better.

He is a love bug - loves to lean and be cuddled and gives kisses freely. He is a bit of a collector - not particular - anything from remotes to shiny picture frames.
He has about 20 stuffies in his crate and empties the toy box daily.

He's just doing what any other 3 yr old greyhound would be doing! He's very
sweet and his personality is starting to peak out. I'll have a better idea
once I'm home for a few days and can observe him but by all early reports,
he's a very large lovebug who has no idea of his weight, is oblivious to the
world and just wants to play and enjoy.

  • Registered Name: Gig Em Angus
  • Sex: Male
  • Adopted on: Jun 5th, 2012
  • Color: Black
  • Right ear tattoo: 88E (should be 38E)
  • Left ear tattoo: 46122
  • Birthday: Aug 20th, 2008
  • Arrived at NGA: Feb 28th, 2010

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