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A note from Ruby's new Mom :)

Hey Donna...
Miss Ruby Tuesday has settled in better than I had hoped.
Perhaps we're in a honeymoon phase and I am deluding myself, but today has given us a totally different dog than yesterday.
The panting/pacing/circling/getting up & down restlessness stopped overnight...she slept well on the floor beside the bed, only waking once about 4 am and then back down to sleep after she came back in.
This afternoon she has quit watching my every move and following me constantly...
Yes, she wants to know where I am, but is not constantly 'on alert' when I move.
She is slowly learning 'wait' and will stay in a down while I leave the room for a moment.
She is quite fond of Danny... he must give really good belly scritches... and for the better part of this afternoon she laid in the room where he was watching TV.... I was upstairs.
She's eating up all her food...
We've had no squabbles over food in the mud room...of course I am right there to supervise... but all is well in that department.
Of course Bandit & Nixon are used to eating at the same time, same room, only a few feet apart.
I think she is really picking up on their -well Nixon's- calmness.
Our walk this morning started off rather hurried, with lots of wait and whoa, but 5 minutes into it, she just slowed down to Nixon's plodding pace and never pulled the leash again.
Fantastic for the vet...except for peeing on their lobby floor where a gazillion other dogs (including Nixon) have peed.....
Over all... a huge improvement over the excited, rambunctious, quivering bundle of energy that walked through the door 24 hours ago.
If I could pick a word to describe Ruby tonight, it would be 'content'...


Ruby went home to Battersea ON to live with former kennel hound Nixon!! :)

- - - - -

Ruby is sweet and good-natured and full of joy - she loves playing, especially with her dog friends and would probably do best in a home with at least one other dog.

  • Registered Name: Watch Me Dash
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted on: Aug 7th, 2011
  • Color: Red
  • Right ear tattoo: 37B
  • Left ear tattoo: 42445
  • Birthday: Mar 17th, 2007
  • Arrived at NGA: Sep 12th, 2010

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