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Jasmyne has found her forever home in Quebec :)

Thanks again so much for yesterday!
As promised, I just wanted to give you some fresh news. (you can also see pictures on our facebook accounts).
Everything is going very well with Jasmyne (she will keep her name), she's just adorable.
When she arrived home, she smelled everything for about an hour without stop.
We gave her a bath (made a shampoo against fleas and a second one with soft oat shampoo, and then rinced, rinced, rinced, hope it's ok) :) 
She is a very bright girl ! She understands quick what we want her to do.
For an example, when we had supper yesterday, she was curious about our food.  I just showed her her bed and she went on it until we finished.  Same thing for today, she's very sweet and docile.  That's true she likes to shake things :)  She loves a toy duck (that makes noise) we gave her. She played a little with it, yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday she was terrorized with the stairs (outside) so I had to help her every time we went outside.  Today, she did them by herself already :)  She's scared about the stairs inside as well but with a little patience, I'm sure she'll be ok.
She didn't have any "bladder incident" yet.  Made 2 pees yesterday outside and poo this morning (diarrhea, I believe it's normal with the big day she had).

Also, we were prepared to have a bad night but she didn't cry at all.  She just stayed calm until next morning.  She's amazing.
She doesn't like the crate that much, like if she had enough of it already, but she accepts to go in it.
We used it for the night but I think she won't really need it.  We'll let the door open tonight.
When we're not home I think we'll use the crate for a while but not for long.  We left her alone (in the crate) for 20 minutes today (with a kong filled with cookies) and everything seemed to go well.  She was calm when we came back.

The only thing is that she doesn't seem very happy outside (even if we already see improvement from yesterday).
She doesn't really want to walk and if she does, she doesn't want to come back, she just stays "parked" where she is.
(Alexis came to get us with the car ;).  We saw an old inoffensive German shepard this morning (from the other side of the street) and she was really scared, she was all shaky for a minute.
I know everything is new for her so I'm confident she'll enjoy walks soon.  Still, if you have good tips to help her, we could use them ;)
 The first thing Alexis and I told each other this morning was that we couldn't believe it was her first time in a house.
She behaves better than most of the dogs we know ;)  We love her !

Thanks again, hope you have a good week-end.

Eve Marie :)

  • Registered Name: Bobby's Alica
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted on: Feb 12th, 2011
  • Color: White & Blue Brindle
  • Right ear tattoo: 58C
  • Left ear tattoo: 47015
  • Birthday: May 24th, 2008
  • Arrived at NGA: Nov 7th, 2010

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