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We left Montreal on a snowstorm day, it was November 17th 2002 to go get ourselves a dog. I was pushing my boyfriend to hit the road to take me to the kennel to get a greyhound.  If we would not go that day, I would have to wait another month before going!!!

When we got there, Dorothy and Donald were there, we saw many nice dogs.  There were 15 that day.  One was a sudden heart stealer, when she got out of her cage, she went and got near my boyfriend like a magnet.  Right there he was happy that he drove through the snowstorm…

He fell in love, well…  Both of us fell in love right there on the spot.

While taking care of the papers with Dorothy, Donald went outside with our dog to be, we noticed through the window that he was hugging her, petting her, I guess he was saying goodbye.  We knew then that those dogs were well taken care of, and that we would take good care of our new dog.

Fraise, this was her French name with us, she was our little princess, she came everywhere with us, she had cousins in every rooms, she had 2 nice long walks every days from first day till the last day (of course the last year the walks were shorter).  When we would go on vacations, my mother was her own favorite keeper; because she would have some bites from the table with her!!!

Fraise was a good dog, she was known by all in the neighborhood,  the kids loved her, kids were kissing her, hugging her and even telling her secrets near her ears. To them she was almost as a kid… she had more love than any living soul could have in a life. She was the best, her patience was big as the world…

Fraise was the best dog we could have wish for; she was attentive to all our moves and to all our words. She was never sick, she was lucky, we were lucky for that… but, her last day arrived suddenly, her back legs just let her down, well… she was old. We were with her to go through that, all went fast, it was like taking a nice long walk to go to the river and when next to the river there was the bridge to cross the river, and we had to let her go by herself to make the final crossing over  “THE RAINBOW BRIDGE”.

We love you deeply, rest in peace “ma belle petite fille”.

Nathalie Savoie & Harris Piuze

  • Registered Name: Hallo Suter
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Fawn
  • Right ear tattoo: 128H
  • Left ear tattoo: 78646
  • Birthday: Jan 19th, 1999
  • Arrived at NGA: Nov 17th, 2002
  • Date this dog passed on: Jul 27th, 2012

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