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Sampson is home - the 1st 4 pictures are of him happy in his new home where he is much loved & doted upon!

Sampson's Mom writes:

     "From the minute we drove down our driveway Sampson knew he was home.  He jumped out of the truck and explored his new yard, the neighbors yards, and even went down to the lake.  His adorable turned up nose would not stop wiggling! The first family member he met was Tucker, our 4 year old orange tiger cat.  Sampson was much more interested in Tucker than Tucker was in him.  Next he met Kitten, our gray, fluffy, 8 year old cat.  He was greeted with a hiss, and then she ran into the basement.  Its going to take some time for those two but I'm sure they will be friends soon, I've seen progress!
    Sampson was already very well acquainted with myself and my daughter Samantha since we have been working at the rescue.  It was love at first sight for all three of us.  The one person that Sampson really had to make a good impression on was his new dad.  Shaun was less than enthusiastic about getting any dog, but agreed to let Samantha and I have this new experience because we had bugged him for so long and had never had a dog.  Well Sampson knew all the right moves!  Shaun walked in from work the first day only to receive the best greeting he's probably ever gotten!  A wagging tail, a big smile, and of course kisses from his new canine:)  From that moment on daddy was hooked!  That was not all.  Sampson had two brothers to meet, Cody and Casey who were home from college for the summer.  Well, they immediately loved him, and there was talk of Sampson going back to their dorms with them.  Sampson is somewhat of a chick magnet! Last but not least was Sampson's new aunt, aunt Nikki.  Everyone should have one of these!  Aunt Nikki did not come empty handed and Sampson was showered with toys, treats, and a very sleek and stylish raincoat.  He is the best dressed dog in the neighborhood if I do say so myself!
    As far as new adventures Sampson has had plenty.  He has discovered he loves the sport of soccer.  Well maybe not the sport so much as all of the attention and new friends he has made.  Sampson loves to ride in the car!  He enjoys walks in the neighborhood, but loves to go to the park and go on different paths since we saw the bunny on them.  He has been to the beach, and walked down Church Street, he ran into Don and Ace at Petfood Warehouse, got a new kiddie pool, and even had his first creemie!  I think the thing Sampson likes the best is that he no longer has to go in a crate!  He made that decision himself, and we agreed!  In less than a week the crate was history.  He now enjoys spending his days laying on one of his three beds, taking a walk now and then and just relaxing in his forever home!  Thank you so much NGA for giving us the perfect new family member!  It blows all of our minds that he was not snatched up sooner, but we are glad he wasn't he was waiting for us!
    Felecia Rock and Family


- - - - -

Sampson is a charmingly gentle boy weighing in at 70 lbs.  To know Sampson is to love him, he is definitely a kennel volunteer favorite!  He seems to be good with cats and children.  He has also mastered the elusive Greyhound sit!!!  He'll plop at your feet and look at you to say "love me!"  With his turned up nose and one ear pointing inwards (and also missing part of an ear - common injury for racing dogs), he is very interesting to look at.  He is friendly and personable but not over-bearing.  He is an older boy who has been at the kennel longer than anyone else - has he been patiently waiting for you?

  • Registered Name: Free Escort
  • Sex: Male
  • Adopted on: Jul 14th, 2009
  • Color: Brindle
  • Right ear tattoo:
  • Left ear tattoo: 20507
  • Birthday: Jun 19th, 2003
  • Arrived at NGA: Apr 1st, 2006

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