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Big Mac

Mac's forever Momma sent a couple pictures (the 2nd & 3rd above) and this update after he's been home near a week ... (the last pictures in the group were also sent by her)

"First of all, I have attached two pictures.  The first one is of Mac on the first day I took him for a walk at the kennel.  The second picture I took a few minutes ago while I was doing the dishes.  I think he's settleing in nicely.
A very uneventful trip home.  Mac and Mike laid down about ten minutes from St Albans.  We did a let out two hours into the drive.  Mac didn't want to jump down so we lifted him out of the car.  Getting back in was a different story.  He saw Mike jump and like a kangaroo Mac vaulted into the back of the car.  Got home and brought him into the fenced in area and he began to survey how high the fence is but decided he'd follow Jim around.  I crated him after a little food and water and mowed the front lawn (dam grass keeps growing).  I took him out without the harness (mistake) and he tried to back out of his collar.  He soon found out that I can move backwards just as fast as he can.  Next outing will be in a few minutes and he will be wearing collar and harness :)  Chase was true to his nature and welcomed Mac into the family.  Mike got stepped on a couple of times in the car but didn't make a sound.  So far all is well. 
Day Two
Well, let's see.  Mac is afraid of the dark, leaves blowing by, the sump pump, the pool filter, shadows in the dark, basically you name it , Mac has an issue with it.  Am I discouraged - nope......  Mac will certainly be a project.  Somewhere buried deep within in him is one self confidant, poised little guy.  As Mikey is nick named "the man", Chase the "puppy", Mac now becomes my "little guy".  Last let out was at 10 last night.  Mac wouldn't do anything.  So I layed awake most of the night waiting for some kind of signal that he needed to go out.  Nothing.  I came down at 7 and out the gang went.  Yea, he pee'd.  I took him out again around 10 and he pooped - yea, a sample to take to the vets with me.  Dan, my vet was very impressed with Mac.  Dan said "Lois, he's beautiful.  Did he get injured during racing.  I said Nope, just shy.  Well, Dan wasn't having any of that because Mac was standing there, not shaking, just looking around and checking things out.  Mac's a whopping 66 1/2 pounds and that's an exact weight as he stood perfectly still on the scale.  He loves riding in the car.
Day Three
Todays been a greyt day for Mac.  He got me up at 5:30am to go out.  Does this boy not know that this is a retirement home.  He hasn't trembled once.  He's been out ( on a leash., of course) a number of times.  He's getting use to me putting the harness on and even has patience while I get the thing on.  I have had the crate door open all day.  Just now I was watching TV  guess who appeared in the living room.  I think he spooked himself more than me.  He was fasinated and spooked by the TV but I held his collar and he stayed down here for about ten minutes.  Baby steps but progress.  He has learned to do stairs rather quickly.  He moves like a gesille going down but needs to concentrate more on going up the stairs and getting his feet positioned.  I walked him up the stairs like I use to walk Slim up. He relaxes and seems very trusting as I guide him.  He seemed to catch on rather quickly.  I think I'd like to take him for a short walk in the park tomorrow morning while it's not busy.  He's walking better on a leash but contionusly looks to me for encouragement.  Hey, he's just a baby.
Day Four
Oh did I mention that thunder storms moved in last night around 7pm.  I heard them coming and could see the clouds in the distance so I purposely took Mac, along with Mike and Chase out to the back yard.  I wanted to see Mac's reaction when they were in a distance so I could judge what I was in for when they got closer.  He heard them but they don't seem to bother him.  Ain't that strage with all the rest of his quirks you'd think he would be.
Day Five
I leave the crate door open during the day.  I was on the computer and thought Mikey was upstairs and then I turned to see Mike fast asleep on the couch.  So Mac ventures upstairs.  He likes the little "cubby" space in the bathroom.  He also likes to look out the bedroom window facing the street with Chase.  When I got out of the shower I had to remove my alarm clock from his mouth.  Must be he figures I don't use it anyway.  I no sooner put the clock back when I look and he has the remote in his mouth.  Can we say 18 months old...... AND I have to draw the line somewhere.  Under no circumstances will I allow Mac to venture into the shower when I'm in there. Nada, no way, it's just not going to happen.  He stuck his head in the shower and was looking up with his eyes batting in the shower drops.  He's just too funny. I made the mistake of putting a couple pieces of chicken in his food.  Once he got the first piece of chicken dog food started to fly around the kitchen as he searched for more.  He "spooked" twice today as I walked him in the yard.  Not sure why.  Tonight on the patio was a snake.  Mike walked by it and didn't see it.  Chase walked by it and didn't see it.  Mac looked at it and kept going.  Am I the only one that got freaked out about a snake.   Mac does whine when he has to go out but doesn't like anyone looking at him when he does his business.  So far in five days - no accidents.
My advice to potential greyhound adopters - Don't pass up the shy ones.  They are a blank canvas waiting to become the Piasco.
Well, I hear rustling in the kitchen so I think I'd better go investigate.  Oh, I've lost two pounds since Mac came home.  My doctor will be very pleased."

Sweet Mac is very shy and soft - gentle words go a long way with him.  He's incredibly handsome and very responsive once he gets to know you.  Though shy and wary of the camera, he was inquisitive - and so handsome it was hard not to get a good picture of him ...

  • Registered Name: Pals Big Mack
  • Sex: Male
  • Adopted on: Jun 22nd, 2009
  • Color: Brindle
  • Right ear tattoo: 87B
  • Left ear tattoo: 43608
  • Birthday: Aug 1st, 2007
  • Arrived at NGA: May 15th, 2009

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