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Odin's people say "he is cuddly and funny and very very bright. He likes to rearrange things, he certainly keeps you on your toes and laughing!  He can be willful, and once he has decided that he has settled down for the night he doesn't want to move, even when the rest of the dogs are heading out for final pees of the day.  He has house-trained nicely and will pace and whine at you to go out.  He ADORES the little boys in the house and likes being part of night-time reading to them.  He plays well with the other dogs, altering his play from rough to gentle with each dog's play-style.  The cats boss him around, but he likes to steal their food whenever he gets a chance so it's up higher than ever now.  And Odin LOVES people food NOM NOM NOM! He's just a wonderful fun loving dog to have in our lives and makes us laugh everyday."


Odin is a big handsome faced boy with a lovingly affectionate personality that goes against his rough & tumble body appearance (and racing name for that matter).  He leans against the front of his kennel so people that stop near him can give him scritches.  The scars he bears will probably never grow hair back completely but a person that can look past those and at his shining personality will have aquired a wonderful friend!  Safe with cats/small animals and very sweet with children.  Odin *is* an energetic handful however, so he will need an experienced owner.

  • Registered Name: AMF Scarface
  • Sex: Male
  • Adopted on: Jun 29th, 2010
  • Color: Black
  • Right ear tattoo: 67F
  • Left ear tattoo: 42923
  • Birthday: Jun 7th, 2007
  • Arrived at NGA: Aug 2nd, 2009

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